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My Analysis of the GOP Primary, and the 2012 Election 3-11-12

My two cents on the GOP Primary field, and the upcoming 2012 General Election.


Super Tuesday Recap

The Romney camp came away with more wins than losses on Super Tuesday, but the Rick Santorum campaign is anything but dead in the water, as far as they are concerned.  Of the ten primary contests that were held today, Mitt Romney won 6 states, Gingrich came away with a win in is home state of Georgia, and Santorum walked away with 3 victories.

In my opinion, most of the states that held primary voting today are ones that happen to be fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Most of the states that Romney or Santorum won are states that happen to be solidly Republican as it is, which means they will vote for whoever the nominee is in November.  One state that was in focus happened to be Ohio(my home state).

Ohio has been, and always will be a crucial swing state in a presidential election.  It is especially important to Republicans, because no Republican has been successful in a White House bid without winning the Buckeye State.  Things were not looking as great for the former Massachusetts Governor about a week ago. Many polls had him in a dead heat with Rick Santorum. Despite the fact that Romney’s Super PAC’s outspent Santorum 4 to 1, he was only able to beat Santorum 38% to 37%, and barely snatch a victory away from the former Pennsylvania Senator.  With support in Ohio this tepid, winning the state in November looks like it is going to be an uphill battle, just as it was in his home state of Michigan.

Rick Santorum won the primary contests in traditionally conservative places like North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  This is no surprise, and will possibly give the campaign a shot of adrenaline to get them to the convention, and assist with fundraising.

Click here for a detailed summary of the states involved in Super Tuesday, and the specific results.


Romney the Robot


When I think of Mitt Romney, a robot comes to mind. A robot can be programmed to do whatever you ask, though the threat of malfunction is always a possibility.  Mitt Romney was programmed initially to have significant moderate stances on issues such as healthcare, abortion, and many others while serving as Governor of Massachusetts.  The citizens of Massachusetts were his initial owners, and programmed him this way.  A moderate Republican is the only acceptable Republican in a state like Massachusetts. It worked then, because someone of no convictions or stances at all suited the liberal state of Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney has a new owner now, better known as the Teaparty. Ever since their huge victory in the 2012 middterm elections, the tilt of the GOP has taken a rightward turn. I’ll give them credit where it is due, regarding picking up 63 House seats. That was the largest seat change since 1948. The Teaparty has now programmed Romney to be a “strong Conservative with convictions” all of a sudden. This only fools people who have not studied his record, though.

In 1994, he supported Roe v.Wade, but now suddenly is a pro-life Republican. He supported national healthcare in 2008, and created a healthcare plan while Governor of Massachusetts that is very similar to the Affordable Care Act.  Now he is adamantly against President Obama’s healthcare plan, along with the mandates in it(even though mandates existed in the plan he passed).  Romney is a robot though, and is only acting in a manner that his current owners approve of.

Don’t forget though, that the threat of a malfunction is always a possibility with a robot. I predict that once Romney gets the nomination, he will run with the quickness back to the middle.  A Romney Administration would act in the same manner as was the custom when he ran the state of Massachusetts.  When he came to office in Massachusetts Democrats controlled 85% of the seats in the state legislature.  Only a very moderate Republican can operate successfully in that environment, and Romney was one of them.  I’m sorry to break it to the Teaparty, but moderation and Mitt Romney go hand in hand. Always have been, and always will be.  This robot is sure to malfunction….just watch.