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Eric Massa….GO AWAY…that is all

Just when you thought that President Obama and my fellow Democrats had a full plate, the Eric Massa scandal hits.  For those of you that dont know, Massa is a first term Congressman from the 29th district in New York.   He lost his first race for Congress by only 5,952 votes to former Republican Rep. Randy Kuhl in 2006.  As is customary, Massa basically began campaigning right after his loss, to prepare for a rematch with Kuhl in 2008.  In November 2008, Massa was elected by a slim 1.5 % margin over Kuhl.

You would think that Massa would understand that he needed to focus on constituents, fundraise, and prepare for a tough re-election.  A normal person would have realized that any slip up would mean the end to a short political career.  All of this went in one ear and out the other, as Massa resigned on Monday because of health concerns and a pending ethics investigation related to possible sexual harassment charges made by staffers.

It seems as if it was only a matter of time before some issues surfaced in regards to Massa.  According to some Democratic insiders, Massa hired quite a few gay male staffers, and paid them so little that they were forced to all share living quarters with him.  I just want to state that someones sexual preference is their business, and I’m just stating the facts of the situation.  It seems that Massa’s inappropriate behavior  has been going on for some time now.

According to The Atlantic Online, “Past shipmates of Massa are charging that he used his status as a commander to subject underlings to abusive sexual advances.”  I am glad that he resigned, but I cant believe he has the nerve to be going on all these talk shows trying to say Rahm Emmanuel and the White House pushed him out of office because of his opposition to healthcare reform.  In my opinion, that is simply an excuse used to try and save his shattered reputation.  There are quite a few Democrats(many Blue Dogs)who opposed some pieces of the healthcare legislation, and while they may have received some tough calls from the White House, I’m sure no pressure to resign occured.  The fact is that his improper behavior finally caught up with him, and he wasn’t man enough to accept that.

I’m resigned to the fact that a Republican will most likely regain this seat. I guess thats life.


Lincoln v. Halter

One of the most interesting pieces of political news lately is the upcoming battle for the Democratic nomination for the senate seat in Arkansas.  Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter has thrown his hat in the ring against incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln.  The results of the primary could give  us an accurate view on how the electorate reacts to moderate Democratic incumbents.

Bill Halter has a very impressive resume to speak of.  He studied economics and political science at Stanford University, then went on to complete his graduate studies at Oxford University in England.   He is the former deputy commissioner of the social security administration, and also served as a senior advisor with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  While at the OMB, he was a big part of the reason that President Clinton turned a 290 billion deficit into a 125 billion surplus while he was president.

His next move was to run for Lieutenant Governor, which was a successful endeavor.  One would think that going up against an incumbent with the power that Blanche Lincoln has would be considered a suicide mission.  In normal times it would be….but normal times these are not.  Senator Lincoln has been getting a constant drumbeat of criticism from both the left and the right.  Republicans are upset that she cast  one of the deciding votes which allowed healthcare legislation to advance in the Senate.  Liberal groups are enraged at her initial support, but later opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act.  They also are none too pleased at Lincoln’s position on opposing a public option for healthcare.

Halter has used this anger from the left as a tool to raise huge sums of money for his campaign.  Blanche Lincoln has 5.02 million on hand to use in the election.  A few days after Halter announced he would challenge Lincoln, he received a million dollar campaign contribution from Moveon.org. Four labor unions(AFSCME, CWA, SEIU, Steelworkers) have each pledged 1 million a piece.  Though Halter may lose, at least he will have the necessary funds to make this race interesting

Halter plans to run on a “anti-Washington, pro-Arkansas” platform, and highlight Blanch Lincolns cozy relationship with special interests, and her failure to take on these interests, and fight for Arkansas families.  He will focus on change, and will cast himself as an elected official that will put the issues that Arkansas voters may have above those of the monied special interests.  It’s possible that it may resonate, because according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 64% of people in Arkansas think it would be good if most incumbents are defeated in the  November elections.  In this same Rasmussen poll, it stated that Blanche Lincoln is pulling about 38-41% of voters when you match her up with the various Republicans she may run against in the general election.  Bill Halter comes in around 33-38%.

Halter may give Lincoln a run for her money.  My guess is that he may be a little to the left in terms of what Arkansas voters are comfortable with.  Then again, they did elect him as Lieutenant Governor(a statewide office).  We will wait and see what happens.

Rahmbo Leaks…for good reason

Emanuel and President Obama

When the Washington Post article by Dana Milbank concerning Rahm Emanuel hit, I took notice.  I have debated my father for over a year regarding my belief that Obama hasn’t tacked far enough to the center.

One prime example is the healthcare legislation.  What always puzzled me is that a bipartisan solution to healthcare that Democratic Senator Ron Weiden and Republican Senator Bob Bennett crafted was shown no love at all.  This bill was by no means perfect, but included good things such as:

  • succeeding in covering 99% of Americans
  • giving incentives to people so they could enroll in more cost effective healthcare plans to lower the cost
  • providing tough cost containment to save 1.4 trillion over 10 years
  • allowing individuals to keep their healthcare plan even when they switch jobs, or are in between jobs

I feel that a bill like this would have gotten respectable bipartisan support, and blunted the impact of protests from Republicans and the scores of interest groups.  They wouldn’t have been able to use an issue like the public option  as a tool to organize the deranged, but effective tea party movement, as they have successfully have thus far.

Rahmbo saw the writing on the wall.  He is a fiery/blunt, but effective political hand that will assure Obama is in the position to have a smooth re-election in 2012.  President Obama must realize that the man responsible for huge Democratic gains in the House during the 2006 midterms and 2008 elections is one voice in the administration that he can ill afford to ignore, especially on key pieces of legislation.

Intense debates occur in the White House before a President makes an important policy or legislative decision.  I’ll take Rahm over anyone right now. “Hope and Change 2012” depend on it.