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Abortion doctor who killed live babies with scissors charged in Philadelphia

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was charged with murder and other offenses in connection with late term abortions that he has performed. Gosnell operated the Womens Medical Society for over 30 years, and performed illegal late term abortions for minorities, immigrants, and poor women. He is accused of delivering 7 babies alive…then severing their spinal chords with scissors.

One of the more troubling aspects of this story is how the government health officials in Pennsylvania allowed a man like this to operate for so long, and failed miserably in their oversight responsibilities. Jamilah Lemieux of Clutch Magazine also touched on this same point:

In a press conference this Wednesday, Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams stated that both the Department of Health and Department of State hold some responsibility for allowing the clinic to operate for so many years, despite being notified that two women had died during abortion procedures and having received numerous reports of dangerous practices. “What the [grand] jury found most troubling is that neither of those agencies took the time to investigate, to observe, to view, to go to the clinic itself since 1993,” Williams said in his statement.

On top of this all, it has also been noted that Dr. Gosnells wife Pearl(who has no license at all) also performed late term abortions, as well as other staff…including a teenage girl.

When the authorities investigated, they discovered an environment that was reminiscent of something you would see in a horror movie, according to Lemieux:

Investigators at the now closed abortion clinic found bags and bottles containing aborted fetuses in various parts of the building, as well as a shelf of jars holding the severed feet of babies. Equipment and furniture were “blood-stained, dusty and broken”, according to the CNN report.

I hope that Dr. Gosnell and others involved in this are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Rick Santorum On Obama, Abortion: “Almost Remarkable For A Black Man’ To Say We Can Decide Who’s A Person”

I tell you folks, I don’t make this stuff up, I only report it. Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum was recently on CSN News to discuss the topic of abortion, and President Obama’s views on the subject. We all know that Santorum is a very vocal pro-lifer, which I have no problem with. I can even understand why he might disagree with the stance that President Obama and others have taken on abortion.

He loses me when he decides to bring race into the equation to use in the context of the conversation that he is having. Santorum cannot understand why President Obama will not answer whether a “human life” is protected by the Constitution at the moment of conception. I can even understand his frustrations…but then he says this:

The question is — and this is what Barack Obama didn’t want to answer — is that human life a person under the Constitution? And Barack Obama says no. Well if that person — human life is not a person, then — I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say, ‘we’re going to decide who are people and who are not people

Below is the clip of this moron in action:

I cannot understand why the race of President Obama has anything to do with his views on abortion. Is Santorum implying that there is some truth to the racist and stereotypical thinking that stated that African Americans were less than human? Does he believe that it is not the black mans place to even have an opinion on when human life begins or ends? This type of talk doesn’t surprise me at all…especially coming from a guy like Santorum. I guess its at least good that he is open, upfront, and honest about his racist beliefs. I have more respect for a racist who at least makes his views known, instead of concealing them.

I wont sit here and equate all Republicans with the views of Santorum, but lets be honest….more Republicans than Rick Santorum subscribe to this thinking, but they keep it to themselves and would never state it publicly. Good luck with Republicans and recruitment of minorities…make them feeel right at home, why don’t you.