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The ACA ruling….moving forward

This is my analysis of the SCOTUS ruling on the healthcare law, and the political implications.



Is the GOP Pivoting on tax issues?


My Analysis of the GOP Primary, and the 2012 Election 3-11-12

My two cents on the GOP Primary field, and the upcoming 2012 General Election.

My two cents on the New Hampshire Primary


A typical frenzy of supporters and reporters in New Hampshire.

   The results of the New Hampshire Primary were predicable…if but for a few surprises.  Romney ran away with a victory tonight, taking 39.3% of all votes.  Ron Paul was next with 22.9%, finishing up with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman in 3rd with a respectable 16.9%.

    In my opinion, a Romney win is slowly helping to paint a picture of what a majority of Republican voters are feeling right now.  They are concerned with who can defeat the President above all at the end of the day.  They have their doubts about some of Romney’s past stances and his overall conviction(as most of us do).  They understand that the other candidates will not suffice, and President Obama will wipe the floor with them.  The President would coast to victory if he was forced to compete against the likes of a Rick Perry, or Rick Santorum.  Both the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses put to bed the assertion that the Tea Party is some how significant in its influence on this presidential contest in particular.


Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney celebrates his victory.

       This may be a a stretch, but I see yet another opening for Jon Huntsman.  He placed a respectable 3rd, though it took almost a singular focus on the state.If Huntsman can outlast Gingrich and Santorum, he could possibly pick up their supporters.  This would then create an opportunity to forge a unified coalition with the strength to battle Romney to the finish. I still the think that Romney will take it in the end, but I predict a longer primary slog than the front runners campaign is expecting.

The polls dont lie Scotty

I’m quite sure many of you all have been following the drama going on in Wisconsin of all places. All of the uproar is a result of legislation being pushed by Republican Governor Scott Walker that would pretty much eliminate the right of public employees unions to collectively bargain. This has called many to stage massive protests in Wisconsins state capitol. On top of that, the Democratic senators have fled the state into Illinois to avoid giving the Republican majority quorum to pass the bill.

Governor Walker has been publicly supported by the Republican establishment and fellow governors. He seems unwilling to compromise at this point, which I think is a grave mistake. The unions have already agreed to pay more for their healthcare, and other needed cuts because of the tough times, but are holding the line on collective bargaining, as they should. Its nice to see that a majority of the American people agree.

The latest NY Times/CBS News poll showed that 60% opposed weakening collective bargaining rights for public employees unions. Also, 61%(over half of them GOP voters )stated, “that salaries and benefits of most public workers were “about right” or “too low” for the work they do”. On top of that, Wisconsin voters may be having buyers remorse. Nitasha Tiku of nymag.com noted as much in a poll she cited:

But that’s not the only recent poll that could spell bad news for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. If there were a hypothetical do-over of the state’s gubernatorial election, 52 percent of respondents in a PPP poll out yesterday said they would vote for Democrat Tom Barrett, the man Walker defeated, while only 42 percent said they would reelect Walker. That’s an flip-flop from what actually happened in the non-hypothetical elections, when Walker picked up 52 percent of the votes to Barrett’s 47 percent.

Governor Walker…..and other Republicans who think an aggressive, iron fisted strategy towards unions will work are mistaken. I think we all can agree as Americans that the deficit must be reduced, and everyone must sacrifice,including unions. But there is a difference between cuts and trying to eliminate unions completely. As you have seen, Democrats and union members are not afraid to protest and put up a fight. And you also see that Governor Walkers own citizens are turning on him…if only on this issue. Wake up Scotty.

Sprint rolls out new phone: Kyocera Echo

The new Kyocera Echo

Today, Sprint will be unveiling one of their newest phones, the Kyocera Echo. This is a dual screen Android 2.2 phone, and will have the ability to run an app on each screen at the same time. Greg Kamparak from mobilecrunch.com also has noted some additional features of the phone:

– Dual 3.5″ Screens, each one running at 480×800
– Kyocera’s utilizing a titanium hinge they designed in house here; it can be used as a standard candy bar phone, or unfolded into a clamshell, DS-like handset.
– It’s packing a 1GHZ Snapdragon CPU
– Android 2.2
– No Sprint 4G here, folks. It’s 3G only.

It is slated to land in stores around the spring, and is estimated to be about $189 with a two year contract.

Abortion doctor who killed live babies with scissors charged in Philadelphia

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was charged with murder and other offenses in connection with late term abortions that he has performed. Gosnell operated the Womens Medical Society for over 30 years, and performed illegal late term abortions for minorities, immigrants, and poor women. He is accused of delivering 7 babies alive…then severing their spinal chords with scissors.

One of the more troubling aspects of this story is how the government health officials in Pennsylvania allowed a man like this to operate for so long, and failed miserably in their oversight responsibilities. Jamilah Lemieux of Clutch Magazine also touched on this same point:

In a press conference this Wednesday, Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams stated that both the Department of Health and Department of State hold some responsibility for allowing the clinic to operate for so many years, despite being notified that two women had died during abortion procedures and having received numerous reports of dangerous practices. “What the [grand] jury found most troubling is that neither of those agencies took the time to investigate, to observe, to view, to go to the clinic itself since 1993,” Williams said in his statement.

On top of this all, it has also been noted that Dr. Gosnells wife Pearl(who has no license at all) also performed late term abortions, as well as other staff…including a teenage girl.

When the authorities investigated, they discovered an environment that was reminiscent of something you would see in a horror movie, according to Lemieux:

Investigators at the now closed abortion clinic found bags and bottles containing aborted fetuses in various parts of the building, as well as a shelf of jars holding the severed feet of babies. Equipment and furniture were “blood-stained, dusty and broken”, according to the CNN report.

I hope that Dr. Gosnell and others involved in this are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Democrats and Republicans….at a glance

One of my fraternity brothers asked me to present a comparison fo Democrats and Republicans. Below is a pretty good break down of how the partys differ on the issues. This is brought to you by ironduke of worldaffairs.com:

Republicans favor lower taxes and a smaller government.

Democrats favor higher taxes to pay for social programs to ensure economic equality.

Republicans are pro-business and are economic liberals. They favor free trade and free markets, are against tariffs and believe that employers should be able to freely set wages.

Democrats are pro-labor and conservative with regards to trade. They favor tariffs to protect domestic labor from competition overseas, support workers right to unionize, strike, and collectively bargain for wages.

Foreign and Defense Policy:
Republicans favor foreign and defense policies that is made largely independent from foreign pressures and influences.

Democrats favor give and take with foreign countries when making foreign and defense policy, favor humanitarian intervention, etc.

Moral Issues and Crime:
There is a large morally conservative wing of the Republican party, which is a relatively recent addition after Nixon’s Southern strategy of the 1960s and 70s. Anti-abortion, favors punishment over rehabilitation, supports the death penalty, faith-based initiatives, legislate morality with regards to media violence, pornography, etc.

Most Democrats are socially liberal, tend to be less religious, are pro-abortion, favor rehabilitation over punishment in criminal matters, against the death penalty, etc

This is just a simple breakdown, and some may not agree with all the comparisons, but for the most part it is pretty accurate.

Young Black Republican Parody

I stumbled upon this while checking out Huffington Post this week, and thought it was hilarious and that I should share this with the world. I’m a Democrat, but I have no problem with black Republicans….just a little light hearted humor. I would also like any black Republicans who read my blog to comment, and let me know if you have ever felt this way lol.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and Keith Olberman speak out about Arizona shooting

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik recently sounded off on the incendiary and hateful rhetoric in response to the shooting of 18 people at a Safeway, one of them being Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords. Thus far, 6 people are known to have died from the shooting, including a 9 year old girl. Below is footage of the press conference in which Dupnik presides. You can start at the 1:00 mark to hear his commentary :

Keith Olbermann also gave his take on the whole incident:

I will not stoop so low to try and turn the tragedy of yesterday into a political and partisan blame game. Anyone who is doing this should be ashamed of themselves. It seems from what we know that Jared Lee Loughner was a very mentally disturbed man with some shocking views on government.

I will say that ALL (regardless of political views) commentators, politicians, activists, and radio personalities should be very mindful of what they say, and how their words can be misconstrued by irrational people. Even Olbermann himself apologized for some incendiary comments he made about Hillary Clinton during the presidential primary campaign. I hope and pray that something like this never happens again, and I also pray even harder that the rest of the victims of this incident make a full recovery.