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Like Beck….Like Limbaugh??

Rush Limbaugh has said some quite outrageous things in his career as a radio host.  When you normally hear Limbaugh’s name, it is associated with red meat thrown to his clueless audience in a way that crosses the line very often. Let’s not forget the not so kind words he had to say about Michelle Obama, or his criticism of Donovan McNabb, which got him fired from ESPN. Even with these instances of stupidity and bigotry on Limbaugh’s part, his actions on Thursday were out of order.

He went after Sandra Fluke, who was a Georgetown University graduate student that testified before Congress regarding the lack of access to birth control pills at the University, as well as the cost.  He responded viciously, and the avalanche of criticism came soon after.  He used the term “slut”, and “prostitute” to describe Ms. Fluke. He even suggested that women who get subsidized contraception should make sexual encounters available for all to see:

On Saturday Limbaugh capitulated, and issued an apology. He changed course not because of remorse for his comments, but simply due to the fact that his sponsors were fleeing.  He may have thought what happened to Glenn Beck was coming his way.

My prediction is that Limbaugh will eventually be brought down a considerable notch because of this dust up. Will he be fired eventually? I don’t think it will go that far.


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