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My two cents on the New Hampshire Primary


A typical frenzy of supporters and reporters in New Hampshire.

   The results of the New Hampshire Primary were predicable…if but for a few surprises.  Romney ran away with a victory tonight, taking 39.3% of all votes.  Ron Paul was next with 22.9%, finishing up with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman in 3rd with a respectable 16.9%.

    In my opinion, a Romney win is slowly helping to paint a picture of what a majority of Republican voters are feeling right now.  They are concerned with who can defeat the President above all at the end of the day.  They have their doubts about some of Romney’s past stances and his overall conviction(as most of us do).  They understand that the other candidates will not suffice, and President Obama will wipe the floor with them.  The President would coast to victory if he was forced to compete against the likes of a Rick Perry, or Rick Santorum.  Both the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses put to bed the assertion that the Tea Party is some how significant in its influence on this presidential contest in particular.


Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney celebrates his victory.

       This may be a a stretch, but I see yet another opening for Jon Huntsman.  He placed a respectable 3rd, though it took almost a singular focus on the state.If Huntsman can outlast Gingrich and Santorum, he could possibly pick up their supporters.  This would then create an opportunity to forge a unified coalition with the strength to battle Romney to the finish. I still the think that Romney will take it in the end, but I predict a longer primary slog than the front runners campaign is expecting.


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