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Sprint rolls out new phone: Kyocera Echo

The new Kyocera Echo

Today, Sprint will be unveiling one of their newest phones, the Kyocera Echo. This is a dual screen Android 2.2 phone, and will have the ability to run an app on each screen at the same time. Greg Kamparak from mobilecrunch.com also has noted some additional features of the phone:

– Dual 3.5″ Screens, each one running at 480×800
– Kyocera’s utilizing a titanium hinge they designed in house here; it can be used as a standard candy bar phone, or unfolded into a clamshell, DS-like handset.
– It’s packing a 1GHZ Snapdragon CPU
– Android 2.2
– No Sprint 4G here, folks. It’s 3G only.

It is slated to land in stores around the spring, and is estimated to be about $189 with a two year contract.


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