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Jindal wastes millions

It looks like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was wrong all along. During the gulf oil spill, Jindal repeatedly criticized the Obama administrations response to the oil spill, and attempted to portray the response that he and the local officials implemented as much more efficient.

In the midst of the oil spill, Jindal and local officials aggresively advocated the idea of sand berms being built. Despite the fact that numerous scientists and federal government agency officials objected to this idea, Jindal forged ahead, and pressured the federal government to demand that BP pay for the project. The feds relented, and eventually went forward with the project, to the tune of $360 million dollars. The reason that many objected to this idea, was because they stated that it would be too costly, and would do little to capture the spilled oil. Turns out the feds and scientists were right. Below is the press conference in which Jindal announces that the berm project will move forward:

The independent commission that was set up by President Obama to investigate the oil spill concluded that the sand berms were a collosal waste of money, and captured virtually no oil. In a statement, they noted that, “they could comfortably conclude that the decision to green light the underwhelmingly effective, overwhelmingly expensive Louisiana berm project was flawed”.

Blogger Pat Dollard has an interesting theory as to the true reason that Governor Jindal acutally forged ahead with advocating the berm project:

Some have even charged that the plan was nothing more than a multi-million dollar kickback for the governor’s supporters. “The only reason those sand berms are still being built is because Bobby Jindal has supporters he needs to pay back,” a current Louisiana officeholder, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of ongoing dealings with the Jindal administration, told Yahoo News back in October. “It’s that simple … follow the money. The people making money off this thing are people that gave money to Jindal.”

I’m glad that the record has now been set straight, and that we now know that Governor Jindal’s berm project was an absolute waste of money, and did little to stop the oil. The facts dont lie governor.


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  1. The facts don’t lie, but the Governor does.

    December 21, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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