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Clintons Back!!!!Just in time

President Obama and Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton made it back to his old stomping grounds on Friday. He held a joint press conference with President Barack Obama to voice his support for the recent tax cut deal that the President brokered with Republicans.

This was a very smart move by the White House, because this provides them another very credible surrogate to continue to trumpet the argument that this tax cut deal is the best that we could get, and actually a good compromise given the political circumstances. It may not do as much to mute the anger that many on the far left have over Obama’s compromise, but it should remind them that if the last successful TWO TERM Democratic president endorses this, then they would be wise to accept it and move on.

Below is the press conference for you to view in its entirety. It seemed as if Bill Clinton had not lost a step, and he was very comfortable addressing the media with ease.


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