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Anderson Cooper embarasses TX State Rep who questioned President Obamas citizenship

Honestly, I have no problem with a Republican disagreeing with President Obama’s agenda for legitimate reasons, such as a difference of opinion on policy. They lose my attention when they delve into issues like questioning his citizenship or religion. Those issues have both been addressed by President Obama, and people who still aren’t satisfied are those on the far right, and on the fringe.

One of those individuals is Texas State Representative Leo Berman, who is introducing a bill that will require that all presidential candidates produce a valid birth certificate to get on the presidential ballot in Texas. This is clearly a move that has roots in the fact that some wackos still hold on to the widely refuted claim that President Obama is not a US citizen.

Thankfully, CNN ‘s Anderson Cooper brought Berman on his show, and completely destroyed his entire argument with clear, sound evidence and factual information. What a sight to see. The clip is below:


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