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Republican congressman:”Obama is very urban”

I am quite used to hearing idiotic things come out of the mouth if Congressman Steve King(R-IA), but what he said on Monday, tops the list. King was speaking on the House floor on Monday to voice his opposition to the Pigford 2 settlement, which granted compensation to black farmers who were discriminated against by the USDA. The Pigford 2 settelement was apporved in the Senate last Monday, with bipartisan support. King seems to imply that President Obama is helping the farmers and expediting this settlement because he is black, and the farmers in the lawsuit are African American. Below are the infamous quotes:

“Figure this out, Madame Speaker: We have a very, very urban Senator, Barack Obama, who has decided he’s going to run for president, and what does he do?” King said. “He introduces legislation to create a whole new Pigford claim.

We’ve got to stand up at some point and say, We are not gonna pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress, he said. That war’s been fought. That was over a century ago. That debt was paid for in blood and it was paid for in the blood of a lot of Yankees, especially. And there’s no reparations for the blood that paid for the sin of slavery. No one’s filing that claim.”

Below is the actual video clip of King spewing this nonsense. This guy is an embarassment to the US Congress and the state of Iowa. I often wonder whats in the water in his district…it must be something potent, because no sane person would continue to vote for a nut like this.

The originial Pigford Settlement was brought by Timonthy Pigford and thousands of other black farmers who had been denied loans and aid by the USDA. Initially, $1 billion was paid out to many of the farmers in the settlement. The issue is that an additional 70,000 farmers filed claims late and could not proceed, due to the fact that the USDA did a poor job in serving notice and letting farmers know about filing claims and deadlines. Thankfully, their was a provision in the 2008 judgement that allowed for farmers to file a second claim if their was just cause to do so.


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