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Detroit small business succeeds despite the economy…GREAT STORY

After reading this article on Huffington Post, I had to share it with you all. When you think of Detroit, it seems that all we hear about it is the failure of the auto companies, the high unemployment rate, and the overall deterioration of the city. This story is about a woman named Torya Blanchard, who left a job with the Detroit Public Schools to follow her dream, and open up a restaurant that would serve crepes, the french derived thin pancakes. The background of the story is quite interesting, as Nathaniel Hindman notes below:

When Torya Blanchard was a child, she was caught shoplifting from a local store on the eve of a family trip to Paris. Given the timing of the transgression, her immediate grounding was all the more painful. Only good girls get to go to Paris, her mother told her. Crushed, Torya quickly cleaned up her act, but never forgot Paris.

As an adult, she took a job at a Detroit public school where she taught French for five years until her passion for Paris and its cuisine, sparked years before by her mother’s slap on the wrist, finally bubbled to the surface.

Blanchard quit her job in 2008 at the age of 31. She cashed out her 401(k) and, without any business or restaurant experience, used the $20,000 to open up a tiny creperie in downtown Detroit. In the spirit of her mother’s motto, Ms. Blanchard named it Good Girls Go To Paris.

Below is the video clip of the TV interview that was done with Torya.


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