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A no-win immigration issue

I see choppy waters ahead for the Obama administration after they have announced they are filing a lawsuit that questions the constitutionality of Arizona’s recently passed immigration bill.  In essence, its really a situation that will end negatively either way.

On one hand, it looks as though the administration is taking a position that a majority of Americans disagree with.  Soon after the bill was passed there were passions running high on both sides of the issue, but I had the impression that many opposed this bill, Democrats and Republicans alike.  Polls have shown otherwise, though.

Border fence that seperates the U.S. and Mexico

A recent Gallup poll showed that half of Americans oppose the lawsuit by the administration, and only 33% support it.  Also, independents are leaning towards the GOP position on this issue.  A Rasmussen poll put out recently showed 56% of Americans opposing the administrations lawsuit, and 61% of Americans who like the idea of their state passing a law similar to Arizona’s.  Only 28% of citizens in this poll agreed with the administrations lawsuit.

Thats only one side of the issue. On the other side you have a Hispanic population that has legitimate reasons for being upset with this law they view as discriminatory and over the top.  According to a Pew 2008 election exit poll, 67% of Hispanics supported President Obama.  They have a right to expect Obama to deliver on a promise of immigration reform, especially due to the fact that their support of him was a huge factor in him winning the election.  With that being sad, Obama cannot act without the cooperation of Congress, which seems nearly impossible.

The problem lies with the fact that the prospects of immigration reform passing the Senate are slim to none.  Republicans toe a hard line, and are demanding tough border enforcement and no amnesty for illegals in our country.  Any bill that addressed those concerns would get very little support from the Democrats, who prefer a more comprehensive approach and granting a path to citizenship for those already here.

Its unfortunate and wrong when people blame President Obama for not passing immigration reform. It is the failure of Congress, and not the President.  People must remember that President Bush courageously attempted unsuccessfully to pass immigration reform when he was in office.  You have to ask yourself…..If both a Democratic and a Republican President have failed to reform our immigration laws, is a way forward possible??? In all honestly, I think the answer to that is no on the federal level.

I think that what will happen in the near future, is that individual states will take the lead, and either pass tough laws(like Arizona’s), or pass legislation that is more comprehensive, and provides a path to citizenship for those already here.  This is a very difficult and heated issue..just the type of issue Congress does not like to take head on. They have no courage, and would rather pass the buck on to the states. So be it.


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  1. bimmerman

    Nice article and citations. The only points of disagreement I see, deal with the section where you say hispanics have a legitimate reason to be upset. The reason that you stated is that some “view” the law is discriminatory. But fact is, the AZ law has absolutely zero racial component written into it. Therefore it can’t be discriminatory, which makes the view invalid. Even citizens are required in every state and under multiple circumstances to prove who they are when apprehended. The federal gov’t has neglected to enforce their own laws, leaving the citizens in border states dealing with a massive influx of economic and violent instances. It’s not fair or logical to attack AZ who is already suffering due to negligence. They are trying to fix a problem that many deny exists. If anything, the federal gov’t should be thankful and supportive, which is why I believe the polls show what they show. The amnesty issue is simple. You don’t reward bad behavior or criminal activity unless you welcome it to continue. Granting amnesty puts a HUGE GPS mark on the USA for flooding the gates, which are barely guarded during times of global terrorism and security concerns, not to mention the real reason behind amnesty from the left is not out of kindness and reason, but for millions more voters for their side. The same side who was elected to fix the debt of bush, yet is making bush look like a penny pincher in comparative spending and national debt. Regardless of the many campaign promises that obama has made and ignored, the country needs less talk about immigration reform, and much more about enforcing the laws on the books, and not rewarding criminal behavior for a voting base though the suffering and finances of the citizens who are opposed to it.

    July 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

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