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It took a long time, but healthcare reform is here

I hope that many of you all were able to catch the historic vote on healthcare reform tonight.  What stood out to me is that for once our elected officials actually did something constructive, and passed some meaningful legislation.  I know many of the freshman Democrats from swing districts made some tough votes tonight, but it was morally the right way to go.  Many of the members are wealthy already, so if they lose their seats, they will be fine in the grand scheme of things.  I’m sure they are more concerned with assuring Americans can get affordable coverage than petty politics.

Two of the biggest reasons they made it past 216 votes

The courageous votes will go down in history.  It seems as if for once our legislators voted their conscience, and stood up for the working class americans who are struggling with ever rising healthcare costs.  In the end, I think that my party will end up on the right side of history.


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